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Launch your career as a barber by taking a 15 week intensive course
taught by Rebel Rebel, pioneers of Modern Barbering,
and gain a City and Guilds qualification from Glasgow Kelvin College.

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About MADE

To be 'made' is to be assured of success in life; if you 'make it' then you have successfully achieved something difficult. With that in mind, as a MADE graduate, you'll have acquired an industry leading set of skills that will help to kick-start your career as a successful contemporary barber.

To become the best, you need to be taught by the best. MADE is a special partnership between Glasgow Kelvin College and Rebel Rebel, the pioneers of modern barbering. It is this collaboration between Glasgow Kelvin College's Further Education expertise and Rebel Rebel's fresh, creative approach to barbering that allows MADE to offer a fast-track training programme, perfect for anyone hoping to make their mark in the world of barbering.

The information provided within this course summary should enable you to make an informed decision as to whether MADE meets your future aspirations, and to decide if you can commit to its demands.

In brief, the course runs for 15 weeks made up of both academy-based training and industry placements and, upon completion of all the essential criteria, you will achieve a City & Guilds - Level 2 Certificate in Barbering. The tuition will take place Monday - Thursday each week with some additional Fridays spent gaining real life industry experience.

Training with an edge

MADE will deal with the mandatory academic elements required to successfully gain a City & Guilds qualification, but it will do so through the practical lens of Rebel Rebel's distinctive ethos and training strategy; this includes a focus on practical skills, creativity, customer service and business development. In other words, you'll enjoy learning every process you need for a successful barbering career, 'from the door to the chair to the till to the door'. You'll need drive and determination, but because this is a serious investment in your future, the rewards will be well worth the effort.

The course programme will include the following elements:

  • Skin and hair structure
  • Tools, products and equipment
  • Consultation process
  • Shampooing and conditioning
  • Cutting men's hair
  • Cutting men's facial hair
  • Drying and finishing men's hair

Your structured and intensive tuition will be taught by Rebel Rebel's most experienced and talented modern barbers. You'll also be a fully enrolled student of Glasgow Kelvin College, with access to all of the college's support services.

MADE for You

Barbering is a diverse discipline and the MADE training course reflects this, being open to people of all ages and backgrounds. If you possess a particular interest in modern barbering, a bit of creative flair and a desire to develop genuine people skills, then this is the ideal course for you and your future. Sign up and expect to be MADE.

Where it's at

MADE training centre

We have created a customised training centre at the Grainstore, the perfect environment to learn what it takes to become the best. Within this newly refurbished 150-year-old building we've constructed a bespoke barbershop workspace less than 10 minutes' walk from Glasgow Central Station. We have designed a setting within which you will gain both theoretical knowledge and practical tuition, including both traditional and on-trend barbering skills. The academy's dedicated training location is the perfect place to develop a mix of craft and graft that will elevate your abilities.

MADE Barbershop
The Grainstore
60 Tradeston Street
Glasgow, G5 8BH

Facts and Figures

In summary, the MADE training course will entail:

  • An intensive 15-week programme (Monday to Thursday in the academy plus a number of Fridays in work placement)
  • A minimum of 360 hours of guided teaching and learning with professional tutors
  • An expected minimum of 120 hours of additional self-directed learning including reading, research and the practising of relevant skills
  • Up to 90 hours of work experience with industry partners
  • Theoretical study and classroom activities including tutorials, group work and Q&A sessions
  • Regular practical work with live models (sourced by MADE and course candidates)
  • Theoretical and practical graded assessments
  • A total cost of £5,990 which includes all training, qualification registration and a MADE starter kit worth £380 (including scissors, shavers and everything else that you need)
  • If successful, the award of a City and Guilds - Level 2 Certificate in Barbering

Meet the Team

Alan Findlay - Co-founder and Co-owner, Rebel Rebel. Creative Director – MADE
Alan Findlay
Co-founder & Co-owner, Rebel Rebel
Creative Director – MADE

Want to know what a barbering career is like? Hear it straight from Alan...

Modern barbering is not about cutting hair, it's a service beyond that of a shave and short back and sides. A Rebel barber is responsible for creating an overall look that showcases their skill as a barber and the personality of their customer. We never stand still; we are always striving to find new styles, new techniques and new talent with no two days the same. Rebel barbers are not predictable, we're creative.

Every morning I wake up knowing that I have a great day ahead of me. Whether I'm spending the day with my clients and creating new looks, taking part in a photoshoot for a national publication or prepping myself for a competition or stage demonstration abroad, I know that my time will be spent doing the thing that I love and am proud of: modern barbering. People always tell me how lucky I am to have a career that makes me happy and is built on innovation, positivity and relationships. For me, the barbering industry has allowed me to grow both as a person and a professional.


Barbering is now offcially one of the top 10 happiest jobs in the world and it's no surprise. At Rebel Rebel, we take it to the next level. We believe that our modern barbers are unique and we invest time into every single one of them to ensure that they become the best in the business.

The key to becoming a success within this ever-growing industry is to work smart from the beginning, finding the right foundations and training for you from day one. All you need is a strong work ethic, patience and the opportunity to practice within a bespoke training academy such as our own. Rebel Rebel and Glasgow Kelvin College are now offering you this opportunity. We want you to have the chance to be trained and nurtured by our industry leading team and guide you towards a job that makes you truly happy.

Rebel Rebel don’t want you to stand still, blend in or become predictable, we want you to become part of our industry focussed on asking questions, offering solutions and making a real impact on not only client's lives, but your own. Rebel barbers believe work and fun sit nicely together. We don’t think work should be a grind – after all, if you're happy, you're more productive. It's basic psychology. If you are looking for an industry that believes in working hard, playing hard and reaping the rewards, then become MADE.

Tracy Leavy - Senior Curriculum Manager, Glasgow Kelvin College. Qualifications Director – MADE
Tracy Leavy
Senior Curriculum Manager, Glasgow Kelvin College
Qualifications Director – MADE

I have worked for more than 20 years in further education after starting out as a 16 year old trainee hairdresser, I just swapped the salon for the classroom.

My passion is in delivering industry relevant qualifications that truly reflect current trends. I really believe that every time and for every student we should deliver the highest quality learning journey that gives students the best possible chance of success. At the end of your barbering training, you need to start your new career with a set of skills that can enable you to deliver an amazing client experience from day one.

I know what it takes to build an impressive client base – and to keep it – I learned my craft in the reality of this highly competitive and fast-paced industry, working in salons and on stage. I know the excitement but I also know the demands. And I truly believe that success starts with great training, great education and a proper qualification.


The qualification is much more than a bit of paper or a certificate. It provides you with the underpinning knowledge that you need to be a professional Barber who can deliver an outstanding service to your clients, time and time again. It's the foundation on which to build a loyal band of clients.

That qualification should last you a lifetime. It should underpin your CV for your whole working life and that'’s why we've chosen the City & Guilds Level 2 Barbering for the MADE Academy for Modern Barbering. City & Guilds qualifications are not just UK recognised, they have worldwide recognition and value.

Thousands of times, I’ve seen the difference education and a proper qualification can make to people's lives. It can help to make you all you can be. No regrets. No look back, no "if only". Just excitement and endless opportunity.

As Qualifications Director for MADE, I oversee all aspects of your barbering qualification – the delivery, the assessments and the quality of your learning. I've spent several years studying varied forms of teaching and learning with research taking me to Kuwait, Germany and Denmark as well as here in the UK. I bring all this experience into the MADE classroom.

And once you've successfully achieved your City & Guilds level 2 Barbering, you should wear it with pride. You will have the chance to become a professional, self-assured Barber in your own right. You should feel very proud. You will have earned it.

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